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Cinélux is 3 members project mixing live instruments (drums, guitar, bass, vocals..) and sampler sequences. The result is a possible link between post-rock and electronic music, with double bass (one from sampler, other played live), double drums (electronic and organic), loops, drones (keyboards, guitars played with tremolo arm).

Launched in May 1999, cinélux was initially composed of two members. On the basis of sampler sequences, Stunman5 (magnetic solo-contributor and member of Kruko) and TordeOnde played guitar and analog keyboards (bontempi with tons of effects). Quickly, Lauphi (also DJ and member of the Magnetic D-juke box) joined the band to add his science of drums. After a few gigs (supporting 3rd eye foundation or ma chérie for painting), cinélux recorded a demo which can be heard at
Live acts are always mixed with video/super 8 projections by Gerald, member of Vu pour vous.

cinélux playing at the batofar (Paris)


- June, 11 1999 ./. Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes, opening for Aïwa.
- December, 31 1999 ./. Le Quartz, Brest, Electronic Live Act.
- Mars, 27 2000 ./. La Baleine Bleue, Rennes, opening for Third Eye Foundation.
- July, 14 2000 ./. Batofar, Paris, opening for Ma Chérie for Painting.
- November, 11 2000 ./. Cinephonic night, TNB, Rennes.
- December, 8 2000 ./. Baraque à son, Nantes, opening for Madrid.

upcoming dates
- June, 22 2001 ./. the Cube, Bristol (UK) + stuntman5 + lauphi
- October, 6 2001 ./. Antipode Rennes

cinélux in Nantes

Flash clip :

Cinélux - Hollis
(démo / new song)


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